The Dacha / De Datsja
Fiction (Children Film)
The Dacha (2013)
Written & Directed by Mirka Duijn & Nina Spiering

Fiction film, youth drama: Jordy is an eleven year old boy who’s family has not been functioning after his homesick mother went back to her homecountry Russia. Jordy devises a masterplan to get her back. He builds a Russian house, a dacha, in the backyard of their house. He is convinced this will make his mother feel at home again. Eventually his mother doesn’t come back, but Jordy’s actions do get his family back on track.
Production: Revolver Media
Executive producer: Maarten van der Ven

Won o.a., Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival 2014, Prix Jeunesse 2014

Nominated for the Dutch Cinekid Kinderkast Price for Best Fiction Film 2013:

“The Dacha is a beautiful, moving and at times even melancholic story about a boy who has to miss his mother. Combined with a visual humoristic style this film is well balanced, not too dark for kids and their family. The makers do not choose for an easy solution, the mother does not come back to the boy. But father and son learn to deal with her absence, in that sense the film still has a happy (and realistic) ending. The film has an universal theme on loss and letting go on the level of children.”

Broadcaster: EO
Funded by the The Dutch Media Fund