Jan Bot
Filmmaking Bot

Jan Bot (2016)
Directors: Bram Loogman & Pablo Núñez Palma

Jan Bot was EYE Filmmuseum’s first robot employee. Jan Bot was a computer program that worked day and night to create experimental films that match early twentieth century footage with current trending events. 

At Jan Bot’s website, www.jan.bot, it was possible to watch in real-time what Jan Bot was processing or preparing for its next movie.

Currently the site contains its complete collection of short films made by Jan Bot as well as a special section with notes on the research carried out by Jan Bot’s creators and guest writers.
Jan Bot: bringing film heritage to the algorithmic age, is a co-production between EYE Filmmuseum and Stichting Modern Times.

Produced by:
Mirka Duijn

Link to the site: www.jan.bot
Linkt to the Metalog: Metalog.

Funded by
Creative Industries Fund
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts