Do Better (Bart Constant & Dustin O’Halloran)
Short Film / Music Video, 2011

Do Better (2011)
Directors: Mirka Duijn & Nina Spiering

A disciplined trapeze artist is torn between her craft and a boy. Music video made in collaboration with Rutger Hoedemaekers.

Won the NFF price for best music video in 2011

Music: Bart Constant,
Rutger Hoedemaekers, Dustin O’Halloran

Cast, a.o.: Liv Knoche, Olivier Tuinier, Dineke Faas, Minne Maaskant.

Camera: Marijn Zurburg | Robijn Voshol | Editing: Jasper Verhorevoort | Grading: Dustin Kershaw

Produced by:  
Studio Kimmo (NL)

Full Video: