The Island
Live Film Performance

The Island (2007)
Directors: Mirka Duijn & Nina Spiering

Installation/performance performed live at the Noorderzon Festival 2008 with Machinefabriek. Made with footage from the Groninger Film Archives. Groningen between 1917-1945. Made in collaboration with Nina Spiering and Rutger Zuydervelt.

When roaming the archives we found many home movies from the era between the two World Wars. Most of those clearly depicted an approaching threat. Young boys playing war in a forest, a marching band being followed up by a marching army, even the decaying material itself, it depicted a world that would be not be the same only soon after the recording. The recordings being little islands of fading testimonials.

The text is taken from ‘The White Island’, a Dutch saga about the crossing of dead souls.
Live performance at Noorderzon Festival
With music of Machinefabriek

Produced by:  
Studio Kimmo (NL)